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Turbine Soot Eliminator

TSE Turbine Soot Eliminator

VOTED #1 in the US by professional detailers, pilots and aircraft owners!!!
TSE is the only cleaner that you will ever need to degrease your aircraft.
TSE is safe, fast and reliable for removing problematic carbon exhaust, tough oil buildup and melts grease.
Turbine Soot Eliminator is non-corrosive and won't harm your aircraft paint. 
Buy now to ease the pains of your heavy duty cleaning!

Directions for Wet Washing: spray surface of aircraft with water, use TSE applied to microfiber scrubber to scrub surface, rinse immediately with water. Do not let TSE sit on surface for a prolonged period of time. Clean workable sections at one time. 

Directions for Dry Washing: Spray TSE on a microfiber towel, apply to workable area of surface and follow with a clean/dry microfiber to remove streaking. Clean workable sections at one time.

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